This is the one about the teal rose cake

This weekend I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake for one of my best friends. In the process of trying to decide what to make her, ( I wanted the cake to be a surprise) I asked her a series of what she thought were random questions through out the week. I think she picked up on the surprise when I asked if she like chocolate cake or white cake, her response ” I’m super easy as long as there isn’t any mango or coconut.” Let me tell you something, when someone tells you they are super easy, they make it super hard for you to pick a flavor combination! I bounced off a couple ideas and finally landed on this beauty. Chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream in the middle and vanilla buttercream teal roses on top. E3B379BF-7D76-4910-99E2-68CCB735A919 I am very proud of this beauty! What you don’t see is I added gold sugar pearls to the center of each rose on the top of the cake. I forgot to take photos of my after thought.

This cake was so moist and delicious I had to pull myself away from the kitchen just to make sure i didn’t devour another slice!

Happy Birthday Robin!!


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